Effective Problem Solving: from design to products

More than 14 years has been devoted by Prosa to new technologies and to innovative projects that open the way to new software visions. Prosa started from the software design to develop, nowadays, hardware and software systems that open new ways, both in the Automotive and Beverages fields.

No technological limits can stop the Prosa vocation to solve customers problems.




Prosa designed and implemented the first emotional cooler for drinks selling...

VeBox: the vending system

VeBox is an all inclusive solution for the remote telemetry of Point of Sales on the territory.

Ducati Data Analyzer

Prosa developed the first data acquisition system for every bykers, not only for the Moto GP champions!

POTRA: Pepsi Telemetry

POTRA: the first sales and diagnosis analysis system for fountain machines with thousands of installations...

Prosa S.r.l., P.IVA (VAT code) 03344200260 - via dell'ElettricitĂ  3/d - 30175 Marghera, VE, Italy