Emotivending for a Danone promotion


The interactive Vending Machine based on a Manea machine and on the multimedia EmotiVending kit Prosa.

In some commercial centers have been set up some corners where the product Danone Actimel is advertised by a Vending Machine with digital interface.

The Vending Machines are based on the Prosa EmotiVending kit.

The project comes into existence from a collaboration between Danone Marketing Department and Accenture, which foresaw in the Prosa solution the way to obtain an excellent result in very short time.

The Vending Machine realized allows visitors of this corner to interact with the services put at their disposal by the Prosa multimedia and touch interface, among them the publication of its own contents on Danone facebook page.

After the interaction with the multimedia services, the visitor obtains an Actimel product from the Vending Machine.

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