EmotiTower presented at Brau Beviale 2012


Prosa in collaboration with Vin Service presented at Nuremberg a new concept of Tower Dispensers to tap beverages: it's the EmotiTower, a post-mix Tower Dispenser equipped with multivalve (more tastes from a single spout) initially integrated with the telemetric system VeBox for the remote control and maintainance and provided with two displays touch:

  • a display on the operator side that allows the configuration and the selection of products on tap,
  • a display on the consumer side with an additional videocamera that allows to enjoy a series of multimedia services such as access to facebook, reading of news and the possibility to take a picture with a dedication. Moreover, the consumer can accede to the ingredients of the offered products.

Obviously it is possible to publish an infinite variety of services which are at client disposal: all that is published is remoletly managed thanks to the telecontrol system VeBox.

The multimedia Tower Dispenser based on the EmotiVending kit seen from the operator tap side.
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