AuthFace Single Sign-On


AuthFace is a Password Management Single Sign-On based on the screen-scraping technology for Windows based applications.

January 1st, the "Consolidation Act of the provisions in force regarding the protection of personal information", known by the shortened name of "Privacy Code", became effective. This Act (Italian D.Lgs. 196/2003), among other things, provides for detailed policies in the traceability of user access to information systems.

A centralized password management Single Sign-On provides a powerful tool in order to allow a centralized management for user accessibility, according to D.Lgs 196/2003.

AuthFace is a centralized password management Single Sign-On based on both any LDAP directories (for example MS Active Directory) and a client agent that authorizes the user to access the application systems through the screen-scraping technology. Namely, an agent is installed on the users workstations. Such agent substitutes the user in the application login actions, executing a high level language scripts defined by a security manager. The aim of the script is to correct interact with the login forms of the applications.

AuthFace, presently available in version 1, will be extended with a visual system for the script generation.

AuthFace is today the cheapest Single Sign-On solution for medium to big companies.

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