Ducati Data Analyzer


Prosa developed the first data acquisition system for bikes not for racing: the Ducati Data Analyzer (DDA), a specialization of the Bikealyzer for Ducati Motor Holding.

Available by design on some Ducati models while optional for other models, the DDA is composed by a hardware device and a sofware for PC Windows and Mac.

The hardware device can be connected to the bike. It is useful to trace a six hours trip in terms of speed, gas, RPM, and so on. Once disconnected from the bike and connected to the USB port of a computer, the DDA can download the gathered data into the computer.

The DDA can be combined with another device, the GPS, available from June 2012 through the kit named DDA+. The combination between DDA and GPS allows riders to trace the position of the bike and to analyze geographically all the other parameters managed by the DDA.

The software for PC Windows and Mac is an analysis software inspired to those used by technical people of a racing team. The DDA software is an enhanced software from an ergonomics user interface point of view, while it is limited to those functionalities needed for a not technician. It loads different channels and allows the comparison between various laps theough enhanced visual tools such as contextual and global zooming, scrolling, and so on.

You can download the software from this online service:

The online service makes available FAQs, software updates and a real Expert System to solve typical users problems with the DDA and GPS.

A screenshot of the analysis software for Mac
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