POTRA: Pepsi Telemetry

Prosa designed, developed and manages the system named Pepsi On-Tap Remote Analyzer (POTRA), a specialization of the system Vebox.

Thanks to POTRA, the customer PepsiCo Beverages Italia has a big cost saving concerning the assets maintenance management. Each electronic device allows a 7x24 monitor for fountain machines, giving a tool for immediate application of flying squads.

Moreover, POTRA gives important information both to Pepsi commercial network and Pepsi Marketing division:

  • commercial network is able to know a real-time consumption of beverages for each Point of Sales.
  • The marketing division can exploit POTRA information concerning consumption of each brand (PepsiCola, Schweppes, Lipton Ice Tea, etc.) knowing in which hour, day of the week, Point of Sales Typology (pizzeria, disco, etc.), the consuption has been made.

The project POTRA demonstrates on the field the true 360 degrees consulting know-how of Prosa.

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POTRA System Architecture

POTRA is a total management solution given together with a hardware device and a Web system.

POTRA Web Application

The Web Application POTRA provides a control panel for diagnosis and commercial indexes.


Thanks to Prosa, Pepsi wins the ICT Mobile & Wireless price at Milano SMAU Business.

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