Information Systems integrated with HW devices


As a consequence of the experiences achieved in the Automotive ad Beverages fields, Prosa founded a new business unit concerning data acquisition and telemetry hardware together with analysis software for personal computers and the Web.

The new business unit is based on partnerships in harness with companies in the field of hardware components industrialization, whose aim is to produce the components designed and engineered by Prosa (both from the electrical and the firmware point of view).

From the qualitative point of view, Prosa designs the quality check procedures for the devices production process, introducing hardware and software assets for a Poka Yoke mechanism

Thanks to its System Integrator nature, Prosa considers such experiences as the know-how fulfillment toward the design of Information Systems connected to hardware devices together with the managing processes that warrants the clients and partners goals.

This operative field includes the projects that brings Prosa to the realization of:

List of fields

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