VeBox: the vending system

VeBox is a "Total Sales Infrastructure Telemetric Management System".

  • "Sales Infrastructure" means that VeBox is the needful tool for the sales. Indeed, VeBox has been conceived as Point of Sales Productivity Maximization tool.
  • "Telemetric" in the sense that the productivity maximization of the point of sales is achieved gathering information from a remote location.
  • "Total ... Management System" means that VeBox allows a management of the Sales Infrastructure from a total perspective (i.e. assets for the vending, salesman, technicians, etc.) by means of sales analysis, marketing analysis, maintenance management, diagnosis and call center, all this, again, in order to make always working at the best the Point of Sales, but also for organizing all the flying squads, both technical and of supply chain.
VeBox is offered by Prosa as an all inclusive service.

Thanks to a cheap monthly fee you can enjoy unlimited users and accesses to a Web Application that makes available the tele-management functions on your assets in the territory.

Both the telemetric asset device (to install into the monitored asset) and the communication costs between the asset and the VeBox server are included in the monthly fee.

The hardware device, furthermore the system VeBox, are suitable for the following types of assets:

  • Vending Machine: the telemetric device is based on EVADTS format, obtained both by DDCMP protocol and by DEX-UCS protocol. Moreover the device allows the simultaneous interaction with different devices, like cash devices.
  • Fountain Machine: you can tele-manage machines for the consumption of beer and soft drinks, both of type pre-mix and of type post-mix.
  • Other: in a few, hardware and internal software (i.e. firmware) customizations are possible in order to adapt the system to any telemetric field.
List of telemetry systems
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VeBox Installations

A general map with the assets currently monitored by VeBox around the world.

The available functions

A glance over the most important functions available through the Web application.

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