The Prosa history

Prosa is on the scene of Italian IT since 1998, undamaged overcoming the New Economy crisis of the first years 2000 and arriving to the current world-wide crisis having sufficient currency.

Surprisingly, all such history has been made by Prosa living on one's work, without any external financing! All the business has been generated from the small initial financing of the 30 years old charter members in 1998.

The secret of this? Two words: innovation and differentiation.

The innovation has been the founding idea of the company, due to cultural issues of the charter members, closely related to the academic world.

The differentiation has been a natural consequence of the desire to innovate with no fields boundaries. Such desire carried Prosa to resolve in original ways many problems of various nature and in heterogenous contexts.



The name and the corporate identity

What's the meaning of "Prosa"? And what's the origin of the logo? ...

Prosa S.r.l., P.IVA (VAT code) 03344200260 - via dell'Elettricità 3/d - 30175 Marghera, VE, Italy