The available functions

The VeBox Web Application is available only for authorized people to whome a personal credential pair (login name and password) makes available a set of functions accessible through a given user profile.

The image above is a screen shot of the Web application. On the left a set of Application Contexts are accessible to the specific user profile ("Sales Analysis", "Marketing Analysis", "Assets Management", "Assets Maintenance", etc.).

For each Application Context a set of available functions are listed on top of the body of the application window (in the screen shot the available functions for the Application Context selected, i.e. "Sales Analysis", are "Actual", "Rolling Year", "Geography", etc.).

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Sales Management

Tatal sales control, drill down and rolling up analysis and comparisons, prices management and stock management.

Maintenance Management

From an alarm message until the work order closure: planning and optimization of the flying squads processes.

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